Licensing for 2018 Liquor Law Changes Carries Possible Lengthy Wait Times

Information provided by the Oklahoma Grocers Association

Although some laws regarding full strength alcohol sales in 2018 may not have been finalized yet, it is VITAL anybody who plans to carry ANY alcohol (including 3.2% product) begin the licensing process as soon as possible to avoid wait times.

"Currently, it has been taking about 30-45 days to issue a license but this wait time will dramatically increase as October 1, 2018 approaches. The earlier you apply, the easier it will be to obtain licensing," Kathy Sharp with the ABLE Commission said.

Sharp also expressed the importance of recognizing that each license is only good for one year from the date issued.

"Even though the license is valid for the actual sale of product as of October 1, 2018, it is only good for one year from date of issuance. So if you get a license in May 2018, you can't use it for the sale of product until October and then it will expire in May 2019."

Click here for the Interim License application

From now until September 30, 2018, an INTERIM license is available through the Oklahoma ABLE Commission. An INTERIM license allows a retailer to purchase full-strength beer and wine to be placed in storage, not available to the public, until 12:01 a.m. on October 1, 2018. An INTERIM license will become a PERMANENT license on October 1, 2018. Interim applications must be submitted by mail or in person at the OKC ABLE Commission offices, located at 3812 North Santa Fe, Suite 200, OKC, OK 73118. Tulsa and McAlester offices are enforcement offices only.


Any stock (including 3.2% alcohol) in a retailer's inventory on October 1, 2018, will AUTOMATICALLY be considered "full point liquor" by Oklahoma law. Stores who have not obtained licensing will be unable to sell or keep stock of alcohol on location.

More information can be found on the ABLE Commission website, or by calling the ABLE office at (405) 521-3484.